What We Do

Engineering, Technology & Innovation

Sensors & Instrumentation

We supply and integrate a wide range of sensors and instruments for all industries, from basic temperature sensors to advanced medical devices.

Data Analytics & Monitoring

From basic to advanced data analytics. We can turn your data into meaningful information as well as monitoring of your assets.

Internet of Things & Automation

Let us help you with the complete integration of any IoT solution (from the field to your fingertips) and the automation of your processes.

Research & Development

Careful consideration and research form the basis of deploying new technologies; this is what makes R&D one of our core focus areas.

Information & Communication Technology

We are leading the IT/OT convergence by combining data-centric computing, IoT and operational technology systems as well as the provision of ICT services.

Consulting Services

Whether you are looking for a 4IR adoption strategy or assessing the impact of technology shift on the business, we have the experts.

Technology and the healthcare industry

The Healthcare industry is one of the leading industries that will benefit from emerging technologies and innovation despite the known challenges. Some key challenges include lack of infrastructure, security, privacy, compliance with regulations, integration with multiple and legacy systems, accuracy and cost. When the challenges and uncertainties outweigh the solution, we step in to assist.

Technology and the farming industry

Although technology and IoT can reduce sleepless nights for farmers, the reality is that there is no “one size fits all” solution. It makes it crucial for farmers to assess their needs in conjunction with their current infrastructure with the help of an experienced IoT consultant. We offer a free consultation to small and emerging farmers, and we also develop tailor-made solutions for commercial farmers.

Industry Focus

We provide solutions to many industries but below is our main four industries and dominance level.

Agriculture 100%
Healthcare 90%
Water & Wastewater 100%
Power & Energy 95%
Smart Buildings 95%

Introducing some of our solutions.

Technology has changed how we work and do business. The fourth industrial revolution will leave most businesses with no choice but to adapt or be left behind. With a partner like AQRESS, your technology adoption journey is guaranteed to be a breeze.

We serve the
following industries

Helping farmers who produce livestock, poultry and crops reduce waste and enhance productivity through technology.
Focusing on digital transformation and data mining to transform the banking sector through technology.
The right expertise to support hospitals, pharmacies and medical aid companies to improve customer satisfaction.
Our expertise ranges from Building Management Systems, office automation and facilities management using technology.
Helping insurance companies improve their risk forecast, predict events and expand consumer interaction.