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It is indubitable that digital transformation and emerging cyber-physical systems will improve the sustainability of many businesses. However, as technology advances, IT/OT systems convergence and more “things” are becoming smart, the security risk increases.

The need for companies to be more sustainable and smarter while balancing the unprecedented security risk leaves many organizations with more questions than answers. We work with customers to develop a cyber proof digital strategy and assess or develop a cybersecurity strategy and tools for your existing digital infrastructure.

To drive more sustainable cybersecurity initiatives, companies must establish cross-functional teams to develop and align the cybersecurity strategy, develop action plans, execute plans, and test programs before re-assessing and optimizing. The team will often comprise specialists in Security and Risk, Enterprise Architecture, Applications, Operations and others.

Although some companies are fortunate to have a comprehensive team for developing and supporting their cybersecurity strategy internally, it is not always the case for most companies. Our team comprise industry leaders and experts to support your cybersecurity initiatives from strategy development to execution and optimization.

Building a secure digital future together.

As cyber-criminals are advancing their ways of doing business, IT and technology professionals will also be forced to advance and change. We are always ahead, bringing new innovations and technologies to tackle some of the critical cyber threats and trends due to the following:

Threat Intelligence Exchange

Machine Learning powered threat intelligence system for ingestion, enrichment, analysis, recommendation and bi-directional sharing of threat data amongst various organizations within the network.

Cloud and Data Security

Working with organizations to develop a holistic cloud security strategy, assessment and gap analysis to enable the development of cyber proof cloud solutions and the roadmap to transform cloud and data security controls.

Business Continuity Planning

Our solutions help in identifying, preparing and preventing events that may disrupt business activities or ensure quick recovery without severe harm should an incident occurs.

Email Security

The email security solution provides advanced spam detection, 100% virus protection, Identity Threat Protection (ITP) with a secure and user-friendly administration interface. Customers benefit from detailed reporting that provides insight into email usage and top threats alert.

As cyber-criminals are becoming smart, IT teams must become even smarter!

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