Smart Facilities Management Solutions

Smart facilities management systems provide more than just exceptional tenant experience. These systems will help you improve building efficiency and sustainability, reduce maintenance costs, and optimise space utilisation. Imagine being able to monitor, control, analyse and optimise your water usage, building security, lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and more from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the Internet of Things, now you can monitor and control important parameters from your office or home remotely. The idea is to make your building more intelligent, secure, and efficient. We work with other OEM’s to supply and install BMS and building automation solutions. Clients are not limited to using our AQHome range of products, but we can deploy solutions from other partner solution providers. 


Benefits of Facilities Management Solutions

Building occupants
Optimize tenant experience

Improve performance and creativity of occupants' by providing a more engaging environment through automating basic processes such as heating, lighting and others.

Simplify building maintenance

Enjoy the benefit of predictive maintenance for your HVAC systems, elevators and others, which will, in turn, reduce your maintenance expenses.

Improve reporting

No more creating manual facilities management reports. Let the sensor data provide the necessary insight and reporting for all buildings or properties within your portfolio.

Improve security and efficiency

Gain complete control of your facility by remotely monitoring all security systems and observing the performance of the security personnel. Alerts are sent out when security breach and data loss occurs.

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