Information Technology

Delivering a wide range of Information Technology services and solutions for your industry.

IoT Solutions

Let us help you evolve and shift the landscape of your industry with our leading IoT solutions.


Combining the power of IoT and Engineering expertise to pave your 4IR journey.

Technology & Innovation Experts

AQRESS is a technology and innovation company based in South Africa. The company’s mission is to save lives and preserve the environment through technology and innovation. We achieve this by using engineering and information technology concepts to develop solutions geared towards solving environmental challenges and improving the general quality of life. 

We are leading the digital transformation journey by implementing solutions aimed at improving efficiency and asset availability and reducing operational costs by providing better insights into your processes for quicker decision making.  We work with clients in the water & wastewater, power & energy, healthcare and agriculture industries to help them innovate and maintain their competitive advantage. 

Our Research & Development team focuses on wastewater network monitoring systems, leak detection systems, cathodic protection monitoring systems, intelligent building management systems, smart agricultural solutions, and other solutions aimed at digitally transforming your industries. 


Over 7 years of innovation and 50 years combined resource experience. Our engineers are technology architects are certified and experienced to make your next project a success.

Reliable Support

AQRESS support team has been rated the best by the majority of our clients. We provide technical and operations support to support your solutions and assets until the end of their useful life.

What gives us
an innovative edge

Experienced team
Our team comprises engineers and Solution Architects with over 50 years of combined experience.
Broad partnerships
We have formal local and international partnerships with leaders in the technology and innovation space.
Technical compliance
We always ensure that our solutions and products are compliant with local and international standards.
Solution Driven
We understand the challenges industries face, and we invest resources in developing solutions to those challenges.
Technology partners

To succeed, creative minds must come together to tackle some of the toughest challenges through technology and innovation. We are not limited by country borders and corporate offices. We have more than 10 local and international technology and solutions partners.

Innovation projects

Innovation has always been part of our DNA and we continue to solve even more complex problems through technology and innovation. To date, we have successfully designed, installed, commissioned and currently supporting multiple assets and systems.

What we do

Sensors & Instrumentation

Sensors enable smart industries and will continue to play an important role through the Fourth Industrial Revolution era by collecting field data such as level, moisture, motion and others.

Research & Development

Being a technology and innovation company in a developing country, there is a need for continuous research and development to ensure that we bring the best technologies to solve even more complex problems.

Data Analytics & Monitoring

The data collected from various sources is transmitted to a central platform or cloud. We perform advanced analytics to enable better decision making and monitoring.

Information Technology

Having the right team and resources has enabled us to provide credible IT solutions such as software development, enterprise resource planning solutions, communication technologies, email services and others

Integration & Automation

We integrate new or existing IoT solutions as well as automating processes in various industries including agriculture, health, buildings, transport and others.

Consulting Services

Turning ideas into solutions was our main business focus. We continue to deliver on this promise through our consulting services division focusing on IT and engineering solutions for various industries.

collect, transmit, analyze and visualize

AQRESS Solutions

Imagine dealing with one competent service provider to assist with data collection, transmission, analytics and visualization. AQRESS provides everything you need to make your next project a success.