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Water scarcity is a general problem affecting the entire African continent and other developing countries. Despite many attempts and initiatives to address water challenges, water shortage continues to be one of the threats to sustainability. This results from increasing pollution at freshwater sources, population growth and urbanization, leakages on distribution lines, poor economic growth, and others.

South Africa can avoid the projected 17% water deficit by 2030 by taking action today!

Our focus has been to provide better insights into the entire water and wastewater network, including treatment works and users, through data collection and analytics. With better insights, we can identify the hotspots and treat the root causes. 

At the same time, we have also invested in Research and Development for water and wastewater recycling technologies. The predictive maintenance system ensures that the existing water and wastewater infrastructure is well maintained while executing the Water & Sanitation Master Plan.


Our Water and Wastewater Offering

Sewer Network Monitoring Solution
Sewer Network Monitoring Solution

The solution utilizes low-cost IoT sensors to monitor the wastewater network infrastructure via the LPWAN communication network. Operators can monitor the status of the network and receive alerts at the central control room or from their mobile phones. The system can predict changes within the network due to environmental influences such as rain. Maintenance teams receive an early warning of developing blockages and areas requiring maintenance, thus preventing overflows.

Corrosion Protection Monitoring
Corrosion Protection Monitoring

The cathodic protection monitoring system provides an around-the-clock solution to continuously monitor the rectifier AC and DC charges and test points. The data is transmitted via LPWAN or GPRS to the central control room to alert the operating and maintenance team about communication failure, power failure and out-of-range values. The maintenance team is always aware of the condition of the protection system, thus improving the lifespan of the pipelines due to limited corrosion damage.

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IoT and Digital Twins
IoT and Digital Twins

The Internet of Things (IoT) Platform enables water and wastewater utilities to improve operational efficiencies and reduce operating costs. Due to the powerful pre-built tools and applications, organizations enjoy accelerated time to market and the ability to develop complete IoT applications and augmented reality with ease. Water utilities can extract real-time insights from the collected data for process optimization, predictive maintenance, remote asset monitoring and detection of leaks.

2030 SDG Commitment

The synergy between the private and public sectors will help South Africa achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for water by 2030.

SDG 6 Commitment

In the year 2019, South Africa committed to meeting the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for water by 2030. The SDG 6 commitment is towards the provision of clean water and sanitation.

Let's Avert The 2030 Projected 17% Water Deficit, Today!

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