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Track and optimize your maintenance in one place.

The effectiveness of your maintenance processes is just as important as your uptime. If you are using outdated maintenance systems to manage your maintenance processes and activities, you are probably missing red flags that lead to costly breakdown and downtime. Fortunately, we can help you improve by proactively responding to maintenance issues, have insight into cost and maintenance performance.

View, analyze and act on all equipment information in one place.

We integrate a cloud-based, AI-powered computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to help companies manage all their maintenance, including thousands of assets, work orders and parts, in one place, with just a few clicks. Using this system, clients can submit and respond to service requests in seconds, keep a central database of records and catch downtime and work delays before they happen. 


Reduce downtime, cut maintenance costs,
and increase productivity.

Customized Reporting
Maintenance & Operations teams can collect maintenance data with customizable reports and use this information to make daily tasks, yearly planning, and regular audits much easier.
Mobile Application
The CMMS offers iOS and Android mobile applications for technicians, Information Technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) integrations and applied AI for improved maintenance outcomes.
Improved Asset Performance
Operations and Maintenance teams can capture asset history and track parts inventory to get insight into equipment performance and reduce downtime on critical equipment.
Improved Productivity
The Maintenance and Operations team can automatically generate maintenance work orders with a digital work order system and complete tasks from anywhere (even while offline).
Data-Driven Decisions
The CMMS has a real-time dashboard and reporting tools which are designed to provide you with advanced insights on work orders, inventory, and critical performance indicators.
Integration Flexibility
The solution is based on a completely open cloud platform. It is easy to connect to any application and sync data with your other maintenance and operations systems in many ways.

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