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One of the main challenges affecting the health system in developing countries is the availability of essential infrastructures such as hospitals and basic ICT services and connectivity. While it is necessary to focus on basic infrastructure such as building new hospitals, the healthcare sector in developing countries can also benefit by gradually adopting technology to improve service delivery and reduce operational costs.

The combination of population growth and demographic changes will accelerate the challenges faced with the delivery of healthcare services.

Although developed countries have started adopting technology to advance their healthcare systems, the improvement has not come without challenges, moreover in the public sectors of developing countries. The healthcare sector remains one of the crucial sectors, and proper planning is required to prepare for the future proactively.

Not every healthcare facility is ready for digitization, and even those that are ready might find it challenging to access the initial funding for project execution. We recommend an electronic records management module or system as a starting point for every hospital, regardless of the location.


Hospital Information
Management System Modules

Registration Management
Digital patient registration form improves front desk productivity and safe data storage for future retrieval.
Queue Management
Facilitates remote scheduling and conforming patients' appointments with the available doctors.
Electronic Records Management
A central repository and secure storage for patients' medical records for future retrieval, analytics and compliance.
Bed Census Management
Bed Census Management Module facilitates the estimation of appropriate waiting times for patients and avoids unnecessary empty beds or overbooking.
Pharmacy Management
Management of drug distribution, stock management and monitoring functions of the pharmacy in a hospital environment.
In-Patient ADT Module
The In-Patient Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT) module seamlessly facilitates patients' admission, discharge and transfer.

Hospital Information Management
System Benefits

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